ec839548b67e067771fb8fe872310455Jump from a minimum of 10,000 feet while securely harnessed to your personal skydiving instructor. A 15-minute briefing will give you the basics of free-fall so that you’re ready for 40 to 50 seconds of pure pleasure while traveling over 120 mph! After the parachute has opened, the magical views continue for another 5 to 7 minutes.

VS Hotels (1)If jumping out of a plane doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, this next new exciting excursion could be a good substitute. The Vitamin Sea, a 40-foot sailing catamaran, is ready to embark on the picturesque, turquoise lagoon, and Four Seasons saved a seat for you! Bora Bora’s chic catamaran takes groups on unforgettable excursions as they relax beneath the Tahitian sky on newly designed sunbeds.

Take in the beautiful views of postcard-worthy Mount Otemanu while sailing toward the reef where the lagoon meets the ocean, enjoying music played on surround sound along the way.  Depending on the selected tour, a lunch, a visit to the beach, a floating bar, swimming, and champagne may also be in the cards.

This emblematic French Polynesian excursion is ideal for small groups, accommodating a maximum of 14 passengers.

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