photogSadry Ghacir knows Bora Bora better than most local Polynesians. Originally from Briançon in the French Alps, he has loved photography and cinema since he was a kid.

I am deeply in love with the Polynesian culture, and started working as a photographer and a videographer in 2012. I am generally inspired by movies and cinematography, whether classical or modern; I am also inspired by each individual client that I meet, as they each have their own story.

His favorite part of the job (other than living in Bora Bora)?

I love meeting people from different countries and horizons, discussing different cultures, and witnessing memorable events in my clients’ lives . I very much enjoy the post production process at home and watching the edited video. I like to keep in touch with my past clients, many of them have become good friends by the way! I love the colors of French Polynesia and always try to capture the very best image and lighting for every shooting!

Check out his latest video creation of Bora Bora!  Why Bora Bora?

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