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One of the concerns about hosting a group incentive program in a remote place is the fear that modern conveniences must be left behind. The challenge for the Hotel is creating a luxury environment that maintains an “off the grid” atmosphere without sacrificing the services and amenities that guests hold dear. For some, this could mean modern air-conditioning or 24-hour room service, while for others (like me) who are addicted to their phones and tablets, it is access to high speed internet and streaming entertainment options. When planning a program at Four Seasons Bora Bora, one need not worry about access to the worldwide web as we have high speed internet and even Netflix! Guests will not lose connection to the latest world news and entertainment options. With high speed wireless internet available throughout our resort’s 52 acres, you can remain as connected (or disconnected) as you desire. The choice is always yours. So, come experience a simpler side of Polynesian life in Bora Bora, without ever missing an episode of House of Cards!

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