bikeIn 2013, Judah Schiller became the first person in history to bike across the San Francisco Bay and Hudson River. What started as a socially innovative statement to the biking community spurned the pioneering idea that water sport enthusiasts and cyclists alike could enjoy water biking purely for sport, recreation, and fun. And so Schiller Sports was launched to design and manufacture the most advanced water bike ever created, giving people an entirely new way to enjoy oceans, seas, lakes, canals, and even lagoons around the globe. Schiller was founded on the daring belief that a blue planet is meant for biking. The unique Schiller bike gives all athletic abilities the most exhilarating and dynamic cycling experience riding the world’s most advanced water bike. Singularly focused on this trailblazing voyage on new aquatic terrain, Schiller Bikes believes the ride doesn’t end at the water’s edge. Come to Bora Bora and experience the latest in aquatic fitness & fun!

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